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Key West Pink Dog Collar & Leash

Key West Pink Dog Collar & Leash

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Presenting the Key West Pink Dog Collar and Leash Set, a beautifully crafted pair that brings the vibrant charm of Key West to your dog's accessory collection. Made in the USA, this set is designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for durability and comfort, ensuring your pet looks stylish while staying secure on every adventure.

Key West Pink Dog Collar:

  • Material: This collar is made from 100% polyester, offering both strength and style, ready to stand up to your dog's daily activities.
  • Design: Inspired by the lively spirit of Key West, the collar boasts a vivid pink color, adding a touch of brightness to your dog's wardrobe.
  • Durability: Equipped with high-quality hardware and sturdy webbing, the collar is built to last, ensuring it remains securely in place.
  • Strength: The collar features heavy-duty box stitching, reinforcing its durability and ensuring it withstands regular use.
  • Care Instructions: Easy to care for, simply wash with mild detergent and lay out to dry to keep it looking fresh and clean.
  • Sizes: Available in XS, S, M, L, and XL, with a useful Measuring Guide to help find the perfect fit. Ensure there's enough room to slip two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.
  • Fitting Tip: A well-fitting collar allows two fingers to slide under it at your dog's neck. If there's extra room, a smaller size is needed; if two fingers don’t fit, opt for a larger size.

Sizing & Measurement Guide

Key West Pink Leash:

  • Material: Crafted from the same high-grade 100% polyester as the collar, ensuring durability and a matching look.
  • Design: The leash showcases a vibrant pink hue, complementing the collar for a complete, stylish ensemble.
  • Construction: Fitted with high-grade snap hooks and robust webbing, the leash guarantees security and control during walks.
  • Strength: The leash is also reinforced with heavy-duty box stitching, mirroring the collar’s strength and longevity.
  • Sizes: Select from S/M and L/XL, designed to suit your dog’s size and strength.
  • Care Instructions: The leash is washable. Use a mild detergent and air dry for optimal care.

The Key West Pink Dog Collar and Leash Set is a perfect blend of fashion, function, and durability. With its eye-catching color and sturdy construction, it’s ideal for any outing, from beach strolls to park visits.

Disclaimer: Low Country Pet cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this product. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure the product is suitable for their pet.

Dress your dog in the Key West Pink Collar and Leash Set for a stylish and secure experience on every walk or adventure.

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