LCP Turkey Freeze-dried Training Treats - Squares 2oz

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Perfect training treats that melt on the Tongue.

Raw Turkey, raw fermented goat's milk (Lactococcus Lactis and Leuconostoc Mesenteroides),

raw honey and organic cinnamon

Like chicken, turkey is a lean, white meat that helps dogs build muscle. It is also a highly digestible protein source for dogs. In addition, turkey-based pet foods may provide an alternative option for dogs with food sensitivities or food allergies to beef or chicken-based

Fermentation provides ease of digestion and live enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption. Containing an extensive list of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, and fatty acids, no wonder these milks are Mother Nature’s most perfect food. Serve as a nutritional aid with any diet.

1/2" squares

Net weight: 2oz